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(空间布局)Spatial Distribution


East-Cixi Binhai District sticks to the principle of integrating the development of industry and city, and has formed a spatial distribution as “one town, four zones and five areas”.


One town refers to Longshan New Town with an area of 15 square kilometers, including financial center, educational and medical treatment institutions, central commercial circles, commercial offices, high-grade residential areas, etc.


Four zones refer to East-Cixi Industrial Zone, Modern Ecological Agricultural Zone, Coastal Cultural Ecological Tourist Zone, City and Urban Residential Zone.


Five areas refer to the Modern Ecological Agricultural Zone, the first period and second period Integrating and Emerging Area for Traditional Industries with 22 square kilometers, the third period New Industry Area with 7 square kilometers, the fourth period Petrochemical Material Area with 13 square kilometers, and Dapong Mountain and Fulong Mountain Cultural and Ecological Tourism Area on East-Cixi Coast.


The core industrial system of East-Cixi Binhai District aims at developing advanced manufacturing industry, focuses on developing equipment manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, petrochemical new material industry and unique marine economy industry. Currently, investments in petrochemical new material industrial park, emerging industrial park, equipment and auto parts industrial park are promoted.



II. New Industry Clusters

新兴产业集群区(高科技园区)位于慈溪中心城区西北部,规划总面积10平方公里,近期建设区块5.53平方公里。规划按 “双核、两轴、三组团”的结构布局,“双核”为活力中心和创新中心;“两轴”为功能拓展轴和产业服务轴;“三组团”为服务组团、研发组团和制造组团,并配备了必要的商业、办公、居住、文化和休闲等配套功能。

Cixi Emerging Industrial Park (High-Tech Park) is located in the northwest of the downtown.The total planned area is 10 square kilometers and the area under construction recently is 5.53 square kilometers. As planned it is constructed according to the structural layouts, namely Two Centers, Two Axises and Three Groups. Two Centers refer to the vibrant centre and the innovation center.Double Axises refer to the Industry Service Axis and the Function Expansion Axis. Three Groups refer to the groups of service, research and development and manufacturing equipped with the essential supporting functions of business, office, residence, culture, leisure, etc.


Cixi Emerging Industrial Park aims at setting up a “4+X” industrial system, including new material industry, new energy industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry and electronic information industry. We also actively attract other rising industries which can greatly accelerate the transformation and other emerging industries in Cixi.


According to the principles of “ Swiftness, Efficiency, Reward and Punishment Policy”, the Encouragement Mechanism of Innovative Items in Cixi Emerging Industry Park has set up a reward mechanism of awarding the prolific and the superior, and asking for responsibility for less production. Cixi government has set up RMB 200 million funds to guide the development and investment of emerging industries and RMB 30 million special funds for new industries, focusing on fostering new industries as well as meeting the housing needs of advanced talents who come to Cixi to start a business.


At present, the infrastructure construction of the emerging industrial area is processing smoothly, so is the design of the comprehensive city blocks. After several strict screenings, the first 11 enterprises have been allowed to enter the emerging industrial clusters.Through 10 years’ efforts, we try to make it a new modernized industrial cluster area with complete infrastructure, distinctive leading industries, huge innovative talents team, distinctive characteristic of low carbon economy, proper and efficient management services.



III. China-Cixi-CSJ Multi-market Center


China-Cixi-CSJ Multi-market Center, namely Cixi Commodity Market Park, is located in the northeast of the downtown. Its planned construction area is 2.3 square kilometers, and the total construction area is 2 square kilometers, with a total investment of over RMB 10 billion.In order to build a comprehensive, multifunctional and modernized commodity market cluster with regional competitiveness and industrial impetus.


The whole plan of the market cluster can be summed up with four numbers, “2, 2, 5, 8”, namely two market clusters, two mating areas, five functional organizations and eight professional markets.


Two market clusters: namely the visible market and the invisible market. The visible markets include the Production Resource Market and the Livelihood Resource Market. The invisible markets refer to the Internet Market Park constructed when building physical markets.


Two Mating Areas: namely Business and Livelihood Mating Area, Warehouse and Logistics Mating Area.


Five Functional Organizations: namely the organizations functioned with exhibition and trade, business mating, leisure and entertainment, warehouse and logistics and livelihood mating.


Eight Professional Markets: namely Comprehensive Business and Trade Mall, Cixi Agricultural Trade Mall, Textile Fabric Mall, Petrochemical Mall, Electronic Business Mall, International Famous Brand Mall, Building Material Mall and China Household Appliance Mall. Currently, investment projects of Electronic Business Mart, China Household Appliances Mart and Building Material Mart and so on are being promoted.



IV. Comprehensive Logistic Center


Cixi Comprehensive Logistic Center is located in the north of the downtown, with a planned area of 1.5 square kilometers.It aims to build a modernized comprehensive service logistic center which serves regional economy, guides the development of modern logistic industry and keeps a foothold in Ningbo, serves the Yangtze River Delta and radiates to the whole country. functioning as logistic information, warehouse and distribution, circulation and processing, purchase and distribution, headquarter office.


Cixi Comprehensive Logistic Center is planned to build “one center, six zones”. One center is an integrated service center consists of Headquarters Assembling Zone and Comprehensive Mating Zone. Six zones are Professional Logistic Zone, Sector Dispatch and Distribution Zone, Warehouse Distribution Zone, Freight Load Zone, Supply Chain Integration Service Zone, Extending and Developing Zone. At current stage, the investment projects, including projects in Headquarter Assembling Zone, Professional Logistics and Sector Dispatch and Distribution Zone are being promoted.



     V. Minghe Scenic Spot

鸣鹤风景区位于我市观海卫镇鸣鹤,是省级风景名胜区鸣?#20303;?#19978;林湖风景区的重要组成区块。总规划控制面积约40平方公里,分为鸣?#20303;?#22806;杜湖景区和五磊山—里杜湖景区两大块。鸣鹤风景区开发建设以生态保护、水源保护为前提,依托近海靠湾优势,整合“古镇、古寺、国药、古瓷”四大核心文化,以湖岛、山湾、水镇、禅寺为核心吸引,围绕“文化博览、生态观光、商务休?#23567;?#28246;滨度假、康体运动、生态居住、宗教体验、田园休?#23567;?#20843;大功能,按照“一核、两轴、三环、四片区” 规划结构,把鸣鹤风景区打造成为长三角首座休闲养生山水古镇,杭州湾首座体验式文化客厅。

Minghe Scenic Spot, as an important component of Minghe Shanglin Lake Provincial Level Interest Area, is located in Guanhaiwei Town of Cixi. Minghe Scenic Spot has a planned area of 40 square kilometers, consisting of two districts including Minghe-Outer Duhu Scenic Spot and Wulei Mountain-Inner Duhu Scenic Spot. The program takes the off-sea advantages, with 4 core culture of “Ancient Town, Ancient Temple, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ancient Porcelain” and 4 core attractions of lake island, mountain bay, water town and Buddhist monastery. We aim at building a tourist resort which integrates 8 functions including culture exhibition, ecology viewing, business leisure, lakeside vacationing, fitness exercising, ecological living, religion experiencing and countryside entertaining based on the protection of ecology and water resources. According to the plan of “one center, two axises, three rings and four areas”, the government will build Minghe Ancient Town into the first leisure and nourishing landscape ancient town in Yangtze River Delta and the first experimental culture parlour in Hangzhou Bay.



The project construction area is about 1 square kilometers, including high-end resort and landscape housing, leisure sports, cultural and commercial entertainment and leisure sightseeing. The total construction investment is about RMB 3.9 billion.



So far, we have almost finished the infrastructure construction project and the street and river renovation project, including modification and reconstruction project, construction of roads and parking lots of the first period core area. And the construction of mating projects of tourist center and the comprehensive functional area are started. The investment content of the core area of Minghe ancient town include famous brands in healthcare industry, well-known healthcare restaurant brands, casual dining brands, healthcare club brands, Chinese traditional medicine brands, personalized hotel investors or franchising hotel brands, enterprises of archer club brands.The ancient town is predicted to test operation on June 18th



Hangzhou Bay Modern Agriculture Development Zone


Hangzhou Bay Modern Agriculture Development Zone was founded in April, 2009, which has a total area of 69.4 square kilometers. It has upgraded into National Level Agricultural Scientific Eco-park and listed into the first batch of establishing Provincial Level Modern Agriculture Complex, which has the capacity to produce 25,000 acres of crops. By now a batch of famous modern agriculture leading enterprises have been settled here, among which the Chai Tai Agricultural and Scientific Eco-park is under construction, Hangzhou Bay Modern Agricultural Development Zone aims to build a top-notch low carbon and economy-recycling agricultural and scientific eco-park, integrates the high-quality agricultural production base and livestock cultivating base, agricultural high-tech R&D training base, leisure and sightseeing agriculture base and seeds and seedling base into one.

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